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“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy”
Thomas Edison


Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as solar panels or solar power systems, convert sunlight into electricity. Smart, efficient, and practically maintenance-free, they’re the perfect energy solution for both residential and commercial properties.

Financial Savings
Stop paying more for your electricity.  Solar energy allows you to significantly lower electric costs by as much as 50%. As the price of fossil fuel continues to climb, so will your electric bill. Making an investment in solar panels pays for itself in a short period of time by locking in low energy rates and taking advantage of tax credits – some that offer 100% financing at no cost to you. Also, By utilizing wasted space, rooftops and parking lots earn passive income when installed with solar.  Click here to learn more about our special offer.

Energy Independence
When you are producing your own power from your own rooftop panels, you are consuming less electricity from the grid. That grid electricity is coming from a variety of sources, some of it from volatile commodities. Having a consistent, reliable source of power on your own roof insulates you from pricing and supply volatility from other sources. Your power source will never go out.

Save the Environment
The sunlight that falls on the Earth in just one hour could provide a full year’s energy for every single living human being. Energy to generate electricity, power cars, heat and pump water, light homes and workplaces, and run appliances. Solar energy is clean energy. In addition to not releasing emissions into the atmosphere, it reduces the need for other forms of energy.