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Emergency Services

Emergency services are provided to clients if there are any critical, technical, weather related conditions affecting the power solar systems, a similar service provided by utility companies


Monitoring and Maintenance

Client will have 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance service through our virtual private network (VPN) tracking solutions to provide real time monitoring of the solar systems and equipment.  Maintenance of the solar system will take place once a year for onsite equipment checks or system cleaning and evaluation.


After approval, installation of the solar power system would take place as under the agreed terms



After the proposed needs analysis to implement, a final project proposal will be provided with design and construction plan, and other negotiated options for client to approve before initiating installation or service


An onsite evaluation to analyze existing power usage and costs vs. solar power needs, equipment, and savings or incentives if you decide to buy or lease solar panels


Professional solar project development services
Currently financing in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia

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